posted September 26, 2023

Blame is irrelevant. Until we stop blaming others (and ourselves, for that matter) and start fixing our problems, we will never achieve our maximum potential and evolve. That simple principle applies to virtually any facet of our overall health, including, but not limited to, our weight.

An unwillingness to take personal responsibility is one of the key factors holding many people back from losing the weight they want to lose and from keeping it off. After all, it’s much easier to blame others or to blame external circumstances than it is to accept responsibility.

Image credit: Stanley Bronstein

To make things even worse, if we do decide to take responsibility for our situation, we can get caught up in a pattern of blaming ourselves for our situation. There’s just one problem. Blaming doesn’t fix the problem—taking appropriate action is what fixes the problem.

The way to take appropriate action is to set appropriate goals and then start moving toward realization of these goals. This takes time, patience, and understanding.

We must understand that other people and external circumstances may have contributed to our weight problem.

We must understand that we ourselves have probably done quite a bit to contribute to our weight problem.

We then must understand that no one else can solve our problem for us. We are the only ones who can solve our own problems.

Image credit: Stanley Bronstein

Trust me, I know. I used to weigh 367 pounds and today I’m around 140. It wasn’t until I stopped blaming others and stopped blaming myself that I actually began doing what it takes.

We do that by realizing, once and for all, that the past is history. The past is what we learn from, but it should NOT be where we living.

Every time we blame someone else, or blame ourselves, we are going backwards.

Every time we take action toward fixing our weight loss problem, we are moving forward.

It’s not always easy and there will be starts and stops. After all, we’re only human and we’re not going to be perfect. But the important thing is that no matter what happens, we keep moving forward—bit by bit, slowly but surely.

That is how anyone who is facing a weight problem can overcome that problem, once and for all.

Image credit: Stanley Bronstein

Taking Personal Responsibility is Concept #3 in the system I’ve created and that I personally used to get my weight off and to keep it off. That system is called The Way of Excellence.

Deciding to take personal responsibility is what will get you started and what will get you through the process of weight loss. It’s also what will keep that weight off, once you’ve lost it. No one else can and no one else will solve your problem.

Unfortunately, way too many people aren’t willing to do that, so they never get started or never accomplish their desired goal of permanent weight loss.

So ultimately, our health suffers. Sounds hopeless?

Nope. Not at all.

The situation is not hopeless. It just requires that you take responsibility for yourself. Once you do that, the rest is a lot easier.


Photo credit: Stanley Bronstein

Stanley F. Bronstein is an attorney, CPA, broker, author, and Main Street Vegan Academy graduate. Thirty-five years ago, he was an eighteen-year-old college freshman who weighed nearly 300 pounds, later maxing out at 367 pounds. Now he weighs 130 pounds, done without drugs or surgeries—just hard work and determination.

Stanley is married, lives in Arizona, and has authored multiple self-help books. He’s become a catalyst for change who’s devoted his life to helping others to change for the better. You can connect with Stanley through his websites, The Way of Excellence and Stanley Beat Obesity; Facebook, or LinkedIn.

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