Can My Dog Eat Vegan Like Me? By Wendy McPherson, VLCE

posted April 9, 2024 Many ethical vegans struggle with what to feed our canine companions. We understand the horrors of the animal industry and what it does to our health and the environment, yet our veterinarians are not supportive of a vegan (plant-based) diet for dogs. We go against their advice and hope our dog […]

Knowing Beans About Beans, by Diana Goldman, VLCE

posted March 26, 2024 There are so many reasons to love beans such as soy beans, chickpeas, lentils, edamame, black beans, and cannellini beans. They’re nutrient-rich, affordable, planet-friendly, and delicious. Beans are also are highly versatile. You can enjoy them for breakfast in a tofu-based dish like this Veggie Tofu Scramble with Mushroom & Basil. […]

Miss Liberty: A Film Whose Time Has Come, by Victoria Moran

When I met my husband, William, in 1996, I figured that I’d date him, even if he wasn’t a spiritual vegetarian. “You’re 46,” I told myself. “It’s not as if you’re going to get married.” But we did. By then, he’d been vegetarian for just over a year. Vegan took some time, but once he […]

A Day in the Life of a Vegan Lifestyle Coach, by Heather Dahman, VLCE

posted March 5 , 2024 Are you interested in becoming a Main Street Vegan Lifestyle Coach and Educator and wondering what a typical day looks like? Unlike many conventional careers, there is no typical day in the life of a coach. Each day has its unique blend of activities and opportunities to make a difference. […]

A Day in the Life of a Plant-Based Surf and Wellness Retreat, by Julia Murray, VCLE

posted February 27, 2024 Have you ever dreamed of going on a 7-day plant-based surf and wellness retreat? Your Nicaraguan adventure and ocean await for a memory-making week at an eco-resort in Nicaragua. Where: Casa La Aventura, Nicaragua When: May 17-24, 2024 Dive into the perfect fusion of plant-based living, surf, adventure, and wellness with a […]

6 Nifty Ways to Get Dinner Done in 20 Minutes, by Debra Shapiro, MD, VLCE

posted February 20, 2024 I don’t like to cook or bake. There, I said it. Learning how to prepare whole plant food meals that tasted good but didn’t require hours in the kitchen, was imperative. If you love to cook, you can just skip this post. I’m writing to those like me who don’t enjoy […]

Creative Ways to Get More Beans in Your Diet, by Deborah M. Gonzales, LCSW, VLCE

posted February 13, 2024 Beans! The humble, often maligned and belittled bean is having a moment. From celebrity chefs, environmental groups, animal rights activists, Whole Food Plant-Based/Vegan influencers, to nutritionists—everyone is talking about beans. As they should. Beans are nutritious, affordable, sustainable, and delicious. I have always loved beans, but my journey to Bean Connoisseur […]

An Inconvenient Diet, by Victoria Moran

At a hotel cafe in Aspen, I saw a man order a coffee to go. It came in a Styrofoam cup, and he asked if there was any alternative. He was told there wasn’t and, as an environmentalist, he refused the coffee. I was impressed. Most coffee drinkers need that morning Joe, but his principles […]

5 Steps to Becoming a Likeable Vegan, by Cherie Hans, MVCLE

posted January 30, 2024 We know the word vegan conjures up all sorts of imagery for non-vegans, mostly negative. As the joke goes, “How do you know if someone is a vegan? Don’t worry, they’ll let you know.” So how do we overcome this bad rap and be a likeable vegan? Step One: Practice What […]

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