Save Lennox – Innocent Dog on Death Row Because of His Appearance

The following comes from www.savelennox.co.uk. Please read, click the link, and sign the petition: The undersigned give their signature in support and demand for the release of Lennox from council authorities who was wrongly removed from his loving family home simply for the way in which he looks. Lennox has never done any wrong yet […]

How to Look Great & Feel Amazing at Any Age!

Try these 18 tips for looking great (and feeling 18!) all your life! 1. See yourself as the star of your life every day of your life. 2. Stand up straight: you’ll look slimmer and feel more in command of any situation. 3. Make your first drink of the day hot water with an ample […]

Vegan Made (Sort of) Easy, by Adair Moran

I know a lot of people who have quit smoking. In the process of quitting, they talk about how much they crave a cigarette first thing in the morning, or how they can’t imagine having a drink or watching the game without one. I’m grateful I was never tempted to smoke, because I see how […]

Veg and the City

I am an urban vegan. I love the glossy pages of Vogue, even though I won’t purchase the leather shoes and bags I see there, and being reminded that the fur trade even exists breaks my heart. It simply feels right to me to blend the glittery delights of New York City with a largely raw […]

People, Pits, and Prejudice

From Adair: Today I was walking to my mother’s apartment from my place with my two dogs. My younger dog Tala is a wiry and energetic brindle we rescued two years ago. She displays the hallmark breed characteristics of a Plott Hound (the state dog of North Carolina), both in look and temperament, but here […]

Genesis Awards

It feels odd that my first post on the new Main Street Vegan site takes place a ways from Main Street – more like Wilshire and Santa Monica in Beverly Hills! But what’s so wonderful about the growth of awareness of both animal issues and healthy eating is that both of these are showing up […]

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