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As a Vegan looking to up your game, you can expect from Main Street Vegan Academy an extraordinary, interactive course in real time with real people. You'll develop expertise in all aspects of the Vegan lifestyle and how to share that with others. Our faculty includes the best and brightest voices in the Vegan and plant-based space, and our founder and director, Victoria Moran, best-selling author, award-winning podcaster, and Vegan of nearly 40 years, will be with you personally every step of the way.

Fully live via Zoom, MSVA is a boutique program known for its multi-faceted curriculum, stellar faculty, and unparalleled networking opportunities. At Main Street Vegan Academy, you are not simply a name on a roster: once accepted as a student, you're part of the family. Upon completion, you'll be awarded the respected Vegan Lifestyle Coach & Educator (VLCE) certification, preparing you to upgrade your outreach, start a Vegan business, or be a competitive candidate for a position at an animal rights organization or plant-based company. If you wish to stay connected with MSVA after your course, we have an active alumni community, and offer follow-up support and online reunions at no charge.

Whether you're looking for simply the finest Vegan education available, or to make your mark as a coach, entrepreneur, or influencer, joining the MSVA family will give you the knowledge and credential to play your unique part in creating a world fueled by compassion and good sense.

ABC Localish features Main Street Vegan Academy and Riverdel Cheese, a business started by MSVA graduate Michaela Grob, in this mini-feature, sponsored by Hiscox Insurance. Also featured is Forbes who provided canine companionship for the first 33 Main Street Vegan Academy cohorts. Love you forever, Forbes.



Lianna Levine Reisner, VLCE

New York

"Less than a year after I went plant-based for health, I signed up for MSVA to deepen my understanding of the totality of the Vegan experience, concerns, and lifestyle. The Academy was just right, from the topics covered by expert presenters, to the friendships made. I am so grateful for the grounding Victoria provided me, which helped me shape and hone the direction of the grassroots movement I'm building."


Colin Easom, VLCE


"I absolutely loved taking this fun -- and extremely comprehensive -- live Zoom course. Despite being vegan for eleven years, I learned so much more than I could have hoped and I use that knowledge every day in my Vegan business. Connecting with amazing classmates and instructors was awesome and they continue to inspire me every day."


Cris Comer, VLCE


"Becoming a VLCE through Main Street Vegan Academy is a life-changing experience. It gave me the time and space to gain new information, relate it to my own worldview, and connect on a heart-felt level with others in the class. I left with a renewed interest in animal rights activism, a deeper commitment to outreach within my community, and several lifelong friendships.  I wholeheartedly endorse MSVA."

Angela Crawford

Angela Crawford, Ph.D., MVLCE

Vestal, NY

"In addition to learning from top Vegan leaders, I made amazing friends and connections during the training and in subsequent alumni events. These continue to provide support, practical guidance, and inspiration for my work as a Vegan psychologist, author and educator. I highly recommend MSVA for anyone who wants to strengthen their skills, knowledge, and impact as a Vegan advocate, educator, coach or entrepreneur."

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See all of Victoria's books here.

Victoria Moran is a force of nature. At 14, with credentials from a teen magazine, she attended her first Beatles press conference. She's been surprising herself ever since.

Victoria went Vegan in 1983; overcame a binge-eating disorder; in 1985 wrote Compassion the Ultimate Ethic, the first book about Vegan philosophy and practice to come from an actual publisher; raised a Vegan daughter (aerialist and stunt performer, Adair Moran); wrote 12 additional books and has another on the way; and appeared twice on Oprah.

Her books including Main Street Vegan, Creating a Charmed Life, Shelter for the Spirit, and The Love-Powered Diet have been praised by Neal Barnard, MD, Ellen Degeneres, musician Moby, filmmaker Michael Moore, Dean Ornish, MD, Marianne Williamson, and former President Bill Clinton.

She was voted Peta's Sexiest Vegan Over 50 in 2016, and was lead producer of the 2019 documentary, A Prayer for Compassion, about spirituality and food choices. After 10 years of hosting the award-winning Main Street Vegan Podcast: Victoria is now host of the Victoria Moran Podcast, Meetings With Remarkable Women.

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Main Street Vegan Academy Mission Statement

Our mission is to encourage the adoption and maintenance of a positive vegan lifestyle and a health-promoting diet, geared to the needs and preferences of the individual, for the purpose of creating a just world for all beings and protecting this planet.

Main Street Vegan Academy Governing Principles

    • Ahimsa, the yogic precept of nonkilling, nonviolence, non-harming, and reverence for life is the reason for the existence of Main Street Vegan Academy.
    • We celebrate diversity and inclusiveness in MSVA and in the Vegan movement, and we welcome as students all qualified Vegans, irrespective of race, nationality, social status, religion, political affiliation, sexual orientation/identity, age, or body size.
    • We respect the commitment of all colleagues in the animal protection world, and leave to individual conscience the choice to take a stand only for abolition or for incremental welfare initiatives as we work toward a Vegan world.
    • We acknowledge all reasonable styles of plant-based eating and applaud the contributions of all Vegan experts, and their vegetarian predecessors, to the development and evolution of health-supporting, plant-exclusive nutrition.
    • Individual graduates and faculty are free to espouse and promote any "brand" of Veganism, support other causes, and pursue other interests; the Academy itself has as its sole purpose to provide Vegan education and to support our graduates in their endeavors.

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