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As a confirmed city person, I was in need of some rewilding and spending this delicious hour with wildlife ecologist Craig Carpenter Downer, PhD, did the trick. The particular expertise of this vegan scientist is the wildlife of the American West, wild horses and wild burros in particular, and the many challenges they face as ranchers compete for lands traditionally grazed by these native species. In addition, Dr. Downer has made an in-depth study of the endangered Andean tapir and he is director of the Andean Tapir Fund.

More about Craig Downer:
Craig C. Downer is a wildlife ecologist (UCalifBerk, UNevReno, UKanLawr, UDurhamUK) who has extensively studied both the wild horses of the West and the endangered mountain tapirs of the northern Andes.  He has given speeches and written many articles, including encyclopedic, and several books.  His works are both popular and scientific, in English, Spanish and translated to German.

Where to find him:
Website: https://andeantapirfund.com and https://thewildhorseconspiracy.org

Read more from Craig Downer: The Wild Horse Conspiracy on Amazon or his Peer-Reviewed Article.
Go Fund Me: https://www.gofundme.com/mstngreservedesign

To help save the endangered Andean, or Mountain, Tapirs Click Here.
Sign Craig’s Petition Here.

Mentioned in this episode:
To learn about the great importance of America’s wild horses and burros and their plight and that of their legal habitats and what we must do, go to:



To learn more about why horses, etc., are superior Carbon sequesters, go to 


About the ongoing battle against the misinformation campaign: 


To learn more about the efforts in northern Peru to save the endangered Mountain/Andean Tapir and its precious highly biodiverse cloud forests and paramos see Craig’s article:
“Insights: Mining Peru’s Andean Forests Puts Unique Species, Ecosystem At Risk” available at https://www.minesandcommunities.org/article.php?a-3250



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  1. Thanks so much for having me on your wonderful interview show, Victoria. These amazing presences need to be restored to their crucial niches to play their crucial roles in today’s world and life community. All people must take an interest and do what is necessary to make this happen.

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