Vegan for 50 Years

Episode 472, original air date March 23th, 2022, on Unity Online Radio. Listen now on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, or your favorite podcast app. Please note that the 475 Main Street Vegan Episodes are archived by date behind the newer episodes of the Victoria Moran Podcast. We hope you’ll enjoy both.

Gentle World is a community that has promoted vegan living and peace on earth for half a century. Its cofounder, Light, this episode’s featured guest, has eaten a peaceful diet all this time.

In 1970, when Gentle World founders Light and his late wife, Sun, became vegan, there was no animal rights movement, no online education, no other vegans that they knew of, and not even a word they were aware of for what they were doing. 

Not only did Light and Sun begin living the vegan life before they even knew that this philosophy was shared by others (very few others at the time), they created what is perhaps the world’s only successful and thriving vegan intentional community. 

Gentle World continues to evolve and prosper, and after becoming a 501(c)(3) educational organization in 1981, its member-volunteers have educated the public about veganism since its inception, and they continue to do so, meeting each new generation with new and inspiring methods of education.

And a cool bit of trivia: Light is Joaquin Phoenix’s uncle! Hear from him in this episode alongside Gentle World’s Outreach Director, Angel Flinn, largely responsible for Gentle World’s newly updated website.

Where to find him:

Website: https://www.gentleworld.org
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GentleWorld.org

The Cookbook for People Who Love Animals is Gentle World’s original book, published in 1981

Incredibly Delicious recipe book (2000)

Vegan FAQ: Demystifying Veganism is a free eBook, released in 2022



*Everyone in Gentle World is a volunteer, and no one is paid a salary. We do our best to provide our vegan educational programs free of charge, and we welcome donations from those who share our vision of a vegan world.



Complement — supplements made by vegans — Pamela Fergusson, RD, PhD, Matt Frazier the No-Meat Athlete, and Joel Kahn, MD — for vegans to enhance your already excellent diet. Check them out at https://lovecomplement.com, and put MAINSTREET in the discount box to save yourself some money.



2 thoughts on “Vegan for 50 Years”

  1. Here is a shout-out to writer/producer Victoria Moran for bringing her audience the most interesting stories in the Plant-Powered Movement. Specifically, in the story “Vegan for 50 Years”, about the founders of Gentle World; Sun and Light. Where Victoria reveals the historical roots of the Movement.

    Sun always referred to “The Vegan in all of us” to demonstrate universal compassion and kindness that Sun and Light saw as inherent in our nature, shared with all sentient beings.

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