MSV Podcast Show Notes, September 15: Human Design & Recycle Your Clothes

If you’re looking for a light-hearted and practical hour to learn something new and have a good time, this episode is for you. In our first half, Cortney Ostrosky, a Main Street Vegan-certified coach and a 1000-hour yoga instructor, shares with us the fascinating ideas of “Human Design.” It’s one more way to know ourselves, along with our astrological placements, our MeyersBrigg type, our Eneagram, we can ascertain our inner guidance system through human design.

To get your Human Design info for free, go to:

https://myhumandesign.com OR


And to get Cortney’s free Human Design master colass and energy type video, also at no charm, visit her website: http://cortneyostrosky.com.

Cortney’s podcast, The Unique Way, can be found on her website or your favorite podcast app, such Apple: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-unique-way/id1552128162

And find Cortney on Instagram https://instagram.com/cortney108

In our second segment, I speak with the utterly delightful eco-warrior Stephanie Moram, “good girl gone green.” She has such terrific ideas for feeling good about our wardrobe and having some good green fun while we’re at it. I was reminded about garment repair — I was raised to do this, but haven’t taken out my sewing box in quite a while — and learned that both Patagonia and Nudie Jeans will repair their products for you.

Stephanie’s website: https://GoodGirlGoneGreen.com

Facebook: https://facebook.com/GoodGirlGoneGreen

Instagram: https://instagram.com/goodgirlgonegreen

TikTok: https://tiktok.com/@goodgirlgonegreen

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