Juicing and Spiritual Fasting, by Laura Leal, VLCE

posted October 11, 2022

Photo credit: Karsten Winegeart, Unsplash.com

Juicing for three, seven, ten, or more days can be a way to detox and reset our bodies. It can even boost nourishment from all of the concentrated fruits and vegetables in these juices. But what about detoxifying our soul and sprit while we do this type of fast?

Humans often celebrate accomplishments and special days with food. Our lives are even ruled by our stomachs. If our stomach feels hungry we eat, if our stomach feels cravings we eat, if we are happy we eat, if we are sad we eat—there are so many reasons why we eat. Besides detoxifying our bodies, a juice fast may also help cleanse our soul and spirit from uncontrollable feelings that lead us to eat. Fasting can help us strengthen our spirit and gain more self-control.

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I recommend doing a 21-day juice fast. With this length of fasting, you will feel energized, have a clear vision of your life, and experience spiritual revelations to heal your heart in order to become a healthier. In the scriptures, Jesus talks about spiritual healing through fasting to his disciples, “And he said unto them, this kind can come forth by nothing, but by prayer and fasting” (King James Version, Mark 9:29). Jesus was referring to emotional wounds, generational curses, and even illness.

When we fast, we are not only cleaning our physical body, but also our soul and spirit. We remove everything lodged in our spirit and soul that manifests as sadness, depression, anxiety, and illness. It is important to put this intention into our fast to see dramatic change in our life. Prayer is also very important during a fast, as prayer and God’s word will be our spiritual food—His words will nourish our soul and spirit, eliminating a hunger for solid food. Jesus said, “It is written, man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.” (New International Version, Mathew 4:4).

During a juice fast I also recommend taking time for yourself, avoiding parties, concerts, or going to places with lots of people. This is time for you, for your inner and outer healing. You want to be in stillness to hear God’s voice. You don’t want to contaminate your thoughts and receive distorted information. Avoid watching TV and if you do, choose shows with positive messages. Read inspirational books and scripture. That’s the easiest way to hear His voice. Write everything down, your dreams, your thoughts, your ideas. At the end of your fast, read everything you wrote down and see what God spoke to you.

Photo credit: Coco Tafoua, Unsplash.com

Juicing shouldn’t be complicated and you don’t have to follow a specific detox program. You can make your own juices or just buy them at the store. It is important to choose all natural juices, with no added sugars or preservatives. Drink all the juice you want. Drink every time you feel hungry or if you feel dizzy. I also like to drink water and coconut water for electrolytes.

Give fasting a try with these spiritual tips. You may find that you love it, so much so that you want to include recurring short fasts as part of your lifestyle.


Photo credit: Laura Leal

Laura Leal is a Main Street Vegan Academy graduate from Monterrey, Mexico. She has been a Chef instructor since 2006 and owns BōnMot Ice Cream. In the food business since 2001, Laura’s passion for food and teaching has always been fused. Her mission is to offer more plant-based options in the city throughout all of her businesses. You can follow her on Instagram @laura_escueladevida and her website, Escuela de vida.


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