A tale of two podcasts . . .

The Main Street Vegan Show was a weekly weekly program on Unity Online Radio from June 2012 to April 2022. Guests included Neal Barnard, MD, Gene Baur, T. Colin Campbell, PhD, Seane Corn, Earthling Ed, Joel Fuhrman, MD, Marilu Henner, Chef Matthew Kenney, Evanna Lynch, Milton Mills, MD, Moby, Ingrid Newkirk, Dean Ornish, MD, John Salley, and hundreds more. Descriptions of all 475 episodes are archived here and you can listen on your favorite podcast app, i.e., SpotifyApple Podcasts, or Stitcher.

When Unity Online Radio closed its doors — the radio/podcast hybrid model was no longer viable for them — Victoria took a break for a few months and started up again with the newly formatted Victoria Moran Podcast, featuring “meetings with remarkable women.” Because Victoria had built a reputation as an author and speaker in the lifestyle genre before the 2012 publication of Main Street Vegan and the founding of Main Street Vegan Academy, she wanted to expand her scope and build her listener base among pre-Vegans.

In the new podcast, she interviews women almost exclusively, truly extraordinary women with
incredible wisdom to share. Sometimes the focus is on a Vegan topic, sometimes not. The idea is to provide programming so enticing that it draws listeners back week after week, and when the topic has to do with Vegan living, the not-yet-Vegan folks will stay around and listen in.

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  1. I’m excited to tune into your new podcast, Victoria! The stories that strong women have to share are truly inspirational! Conversations from the soul are so powerful and bring tremendous healing to others. Can’t wait to listen!

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