MSV Podcast & Show Notes, March 3, 2021 Yoga Goes Vegan!

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Yoga Goes Vegan Event ~ March 20, 2021

Chandra/Jo Sgammato has a lifetime of yoga practice and experience, and has more than 20 years as an Integral Yoga Institute of New York instructor and staff member. Chandra is a bestselling author and loves the medium of radio. She is well versed in classical Yoga, as taught by Integral Yoga, and the contemporary variations and adaptations in our modern commercial culture.

Website: iyiny.org
Facebook: Integral Yoga NYC
Instagram: @integralyoganyc
Twitter: @IntegralYogaNYC

Holly Skodis is an Advanced Dharma Yoga instructor and MSVA Vegan Coach & Educator. In 2017, Holly founded Yoga Is Vegan; a project dedicated to inspiring yogis to go vegan. Each week she interviews and features yogis from around the world on her Yoga Is Vegan podcast and blog.

Website: yogaisvegan.com
Facebook:  Yoga Is Vegan
Instagram: @yogaisvegan


Blast from the past! If you enjoyed the story on today’s show about the yogic roots of Dean Ornish, MD, check out our interview with him last year: Dean Ornish, M.D.


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