Main Street Vegan Podcast, Oct. 18th, 2017: Strategic Veganism + Plant-Based Foods in Institutions


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Tobias Leeanert, “the Vegan Strategist,” joins us from Brussels, and Balance Foods’ Audrey Sanchez shares about vegan foods for schools, hospitals, etc.

Audrey Sanchez is a former decade-long educator and current Executive Director of Balanced – a public-health advocacy nonprofit fighting for healthier foods schools, office, universities, and hospitals. Audrey lives in Kansas City with her husband, preschooler, and three rescue pets.

Her current campaign is against Aramark – droparamark.com

Website: www.balanced.org
Facebook: GetBalancedNow
Twitter: GetBalanced_Now
Instagram: GetBalancedNow

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Tobias Leeanert hopes to provide arguments why pragmatic and friendly activism and communication work. Being friendly and pragmatic is not (just) about a concern not to offend people, and it certainly is not about compromising or selling out. It is also not about being slow, or thinking that we have time to spare. It is not about not being vegan or betraying the animals. Rather, being friendly and pragmatic is a matter of strategy. It is about being effective. It is about diminishing animal suffering in the fastest possible way.

The friendly and pragmatic part of the vegan movement needs arguments for why this approach works, lest they not be accused of not being interested in veganizing the world and just sitting around sharing recipes and eating cupcakes. Tobias’ goal is to provide these arguments.

Here is a video that goes into more detail: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0El41Wuu9qI

Book: How to Create a Vegan World
Website: www.veganstrategist.org
Facebook: Veganstrategist
Twitter: @TobiasLeenaert

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Blast from the past! Tobias Leanaert presented the pragmatic view of veganism beautifully on today’s program, but that’s not the only way vegans see things. In this past episode, hear Sarah Woodcock, founder and executive of The Abolitionist Vegan Society, share that perspective.

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