Main Street Vegan Podcast, Oct. 11th, 2017: China Study Authors T. Colin Campbell, PhD. and Thomas M. Campbell, MD.


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Our most popular guests ever, once again grace our show today. T. Colin Campbell, Ph.D and his son Thomas M. Campbell, MD. Both widely regarded as the most influential voices in the nutrition world in our time and authors of the book The China Study. The Most Comprehensive Study of Nutrition Ever Conducted and The Startling Implications for Diet, Weight-Loss, and Long-Term Health. The China Study has sold over a million copies and helped to inspire other successful works, including the documentary Forks Over Knives, released in 2011.


T. Colin Campbell, Ph.D

Website: nutritionstudies.org
Book: The China Study
Facebook: facebook.com/nutritionstudies
Twitter: @TColinCampbellF & @TColinCampbell
Instagram: @nutritionstudies
YouTube: youtube.com/nutritionstudies

Thomas M. Campbell II, MD: The younger Dr. Campbell heads  the University of Rochester Nutrition in Medicine program.

Website: URNutritioninMedicine.com
Facebook for University of Rochester program: Facebook.com/URNutritioninMedicine
Facebook for The Campbell Plan: Facebook.com/TheCampbellPlan
Twitter: @DrTomCampbell

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Blast from the Past! We love both Dr. Campbells! Here’s the link for Dr. Campbell’s first appearance on our podcast, in January 2014.

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