Begin Living a Vegan Lifestyle, by Marie Doré, VLCE

posted June 20, 2023


Image Credit: Maria Tiqwah from Pixabay

I would like to start with a disclaimer: In my opinion, it is impossible to live a life that is 100% Vegan, simply because we live in a world that isn’t. If you are thinking about transitioning to a Vegan lifestyle, or are currently on your way there, please be gentle with yourself. It won’t be perfect because it simply cannot be 100% perfect.

Take that pressure off your shoulders right now.

Good. Now that this is out of the way, let’s explore what it means to live a Vegan lifestyle.

Being Vegan means that one does not use animal products or animal byproducts in any area of one’s life. Of course, we’re talking about what we eat, but also what we wear, apply on our skin, sleep on, play with, and the list goes on.

Don’t panic, take a deep breath.

I believe one of the first things you can do is set an intention. Because that’s really what it is to be Vegan: live with the intention to do no harm.

Very well, you say, an intention is great, but what can I DO?

For now, you simply need to take a first step into this lifestyle. The goal isn’t to clear out your house overnight or throw away all the things you already own (that would be wasteful, and we’re not about that either), the goal is to slowly move towards a life that is as Vegan as can possibly be.

There are a few easy vegan swaps (other than food) you can make today or in the near future:

1. Cosmetics

Image Credit: Marie Doré

Cosmetics are an easy swap in my opinion because they are things we need to restock fairly frequently. You can make sure that your shampoo, soap, moisturizer, makeup, and all other bathroom items are Vegan by identifying which brands are Vegan. A simple trick: look for the Certified Vegan or Cruelty-Free logo on your products. There are a few different ones out there, and they might be different depending on the country you live in, but this picture shows several of the most common ones.

2. Wardrobe

I’m not going to suggest that you throw all clothes that aren’t Vegan out of your closet, but simply that you slowly start buying Vegan clothing (no leather, no fur, no wool). Donate the items you do not wish to wear anymore.

3. Bedding

Photo Credit: Nathan DeFiesta, Unsplash

This may be a little trickier, since it usually involves a bigger investment. Still, I encourage you to swap your pillows and duvet for non-feather ones. Since it’s recommended to swap pillows every 1-2 years anyway, why not take this opportunity to make your bedroom a little more Vegan?

Slowly but surely, you can Veganize your life and your home. It might take time, and that’s ok. Patience and consistency are the keys here. And as long as you live your life with the intention in your heart to do no harm, I would say you are doing really, really well.


Photo Credit: Marie Doré


Marie Doré, VLCE, is a Vegan Virtual Assistant with a passion for travel. With a strong background in customer service and communication, Marie is always up for a challenge and loves finding creative solutions to complex problems. She is highly organized and detail-oriented and is committed to providing exceptional service to her clients. She believes that anything is possible if you have the right attitude and is always looking for ways to empower her clients to reach their highest potential.

Marie travelled the world solo in 2016-17, exploring New Zealand, Australia, Asia and Europe. After meeting her partner on this life-changing trip, she moved to Germany in 2019 and experienced many shifts that led her to start her own virtual assistance business. Marie has now been Vegan for the past 3 years and is living between Canada and Germany, creating a life of freedom for herself while helping the Vegan movement the best she can. Find her on Instagram @YourVeganVA or LinkedIn.

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