posted October 19, 2021

by Kendyra Corttni, VLCE

Photo credit: Fred Lehmann from Pixabay

My husband does those SUDOKU number games that look like a crossword puzzle without letters. While I personally don’t enjoy them at all, my husband seems to find these puzzles quite relaxing, and at the same time mentally stimulating. I envied that mindset. Eventually I stumbled on the New Yorker Magazine crossword puzzle at a friend’s place and I knew I had found what I was looking for, as they challenged me and reminded me of my days in New York.

Photo credit: KatieDobies from Getty Images Signature via Canva

Being a Canadian though, I wasn’t getting a lot of the answers. One morning I woke up and had the idea to create my OWN crossword puzzle. I searched for a crossword puzzle app, and an hour later, still in my pajamas, I had created my first puzzle. It’s got my Vancouver, vegan, and Holistic Nutritionist spin on things, with just a little bit of New York mixed in.

What does New York bring to my mind? My wonderful experience at the Main Street Vegan Academy and, of course, the one and only, Victoria Moran! I remember once reading on her blog, “Be Famous, write for the Main Street Vegan Blog…” I thought that was a cute invitation, which I am honored to accept.

Enjoy my crossword puzzle—I had so much fun making it for you!

Click puzzle to get started!



Photo courtesy of Kendyra Corttni

Kendyra Corttni, CFP, RHN, VLCE, lives in Vancouver, Canada, with her husband, daughter, and their three rescued cats. She runs Vegan Values Vancouver, a nutrition consulting practice. Kendyra sometimes combines nutrition practice with her Financial Planning business, consulting clients previously declined or rated when applying for risk management products on how to follow a 100% plant-based diet to help them pass repeat medical exams.

She loves what a 100% plant-based diet does for the planet, human health, and especially the sparing of beautiful animals that should never be considered food for humans. In her spare time she enjoys cycling the Stanley Park seawall with her husband Rudolf, shopping for eco and vegan-friendly fashions, and having friends over for vegan dinner parties.

You can reach her via e-mail or on Instagram @veganvaluesvancouver.

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