A Prayer for Compassion


Sure, Beyonce wants you to be vegan. But what about God?

We at Main Street Vegan are honored that our production arm has joined with filmmaker Thomas Wade Jackson, executive producers Sailesh Rao, PhD, Everett Phillips, and Holger Eick, associate producer Patti Breitman, and special celebrity producer Jerome Flynn (Bron on Game of Thrones), and the rest of this amazing team to produce the documentary, A Prayer for Compassion.

The film follows Jackson on a quest that crisscrosses America and takes him to Morocco for the UN Climate Conference and throughout the Indian subcontinent to ask the question, “Can compassion grow to include all beings? Can people who identify as religious or spiritual come to embrace the call to include all human and nonhuman beings in our circle of respect and caring and love?”

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Hundreds of books offer diet advice. Genesis may be the best one ever.

Drawing on traditions including Christianity (in a dozen of its iterations); Judaism; Islam; Hinduism; Buddhism; Jainism; the Native American tradition; Unitarian Universalism; Zoroastrianism; and the “spiritual but not religious” point of view — A Prayer for Compassion calls on people of faith and spiritual seekers of every stripe to come together to bring about a world in which “The wolf will live with the lamb, the leopard will lie down with the goat. . . .They will neither harm nor destroy on all my holy mountain….” (Isaiah 11:6 and 11:9)

Watch Plant-Based News video interview with filmmaker Thomas Jackson and producer Victoria Moran

Melody Jackson, daughter of the filmmaker & a truly delightful part of the film itself

“I was very moved by the many voices that make up this powerful documentary and by the unwavering conviction with which so many spiritual leaders spoke of the imperativeness to act now, align our actions with our spiritual values and take moral responsibility for humanity’s treatment of animals.” ~ Evanna Lynch (Luna Lovegood in the Harry Potter films)

Cast includes:

  • Pramoda Chitrabhanu, Jain scholar and author
  • Jeffrey Cohan, president, JewishVeg
  • Rev. Ellen Debenport, vice-president of communication, Unity Worldwide Ministries
  • Linda G. Fisher, noted artist and member of the Ojibwe Nation
  • Bruce Friedrich, Roman Catholic and director of the Good Food Institute
  • Rev. Frank Hoffman, United Methodist minister and director of All-Creatures.org
  • Dr. Armaiti May, veterinarian and Zoroastrian
  • Milton Mills, MD, urgent care physician and Seventh Day Adventist
  • Imam Sohaib Sultan, first Muslim chaplain at Princeton University
  • Will Tuttle, PhD, author of The World Peace Diet and former Zen monk
  • Suzy WelchToday show regular and evangelical Christian

Plant-based eating is great for the body & — just maybe — the soul.

About the filmmakers:

Thomas Wade Jackson, The Compassion Project, LLC ~ Director

Thomas Wade Jackson, The Compassion Project, LLC - Director

Thomas is an award-winning filmmaker, photographer and musician. He received his Masters Degree from Florida State University’s prestigious College of Motion Picture Arts, where his thesis film, Slow Dancin’ Down the Aisles of the QuickCheck won both a Student Academy Award and a Student Emmy Award, as well as 20 other awards and honors. The film’s screenplay, and an interview with Thomas, is included in the fourth edition of the book Crafting Short Screenplays That Connect, published by Focal Press.

Before starting work on A Prayer for Compassion, Jackson directed the feature film Mind the Gap. Thomas has lived and worked in New York, Nashville and LA, and currently resides in North Florida.

He began his vegan journey in 2005 while living in Manhattan. It wasn’t until after the birth of his daughter in 2012, however, that he became “activated,” and found his passion and purpose in helping to create a more compassionate, peaceful world to leave his daughter and the children of all earthlings, no matter their species.

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Victoria Moran & Main Street Vegan Productions ~ Producer

Victoria Moran - Producer of A Prayer for CompassionWhile earning an undergraduate degree in religious studies at North Central College in suburban Chicago, Victoria Moran received a Richter Fellowship for Foreign Study, leading to the 1985 publication of one of the first books ever written on veganism, Compassion the Ultimate Ethic.

Since then, she has become the bestselling author of books including Main Street Vegan, Creating a Charmed Life, and The Love-Powered Diet, and she appeared twice on Oprah.

Known for combining the ethical, spiritual, and health aspects of enlightened vegan living, Moran hosts of the Main Street Vegan podcast; directs Main Street Vegan Academy, training and certifying vegan lifestyle coaches; and with Main Street Vegan Productions, she backs films and events that promote a kinder, gentler world.

“This film reminds us that no being should be exempt from grace, kindness and compassion.” ~ moby

Behind the scenes of A Prayer for Compassion
Thomas shooting with Urvi Shah at a Jain temple in India.

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Available  on  Amazon Prime or on Vimeo

Or click here to order the DVD.

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