We get used to things. Humans can get used to pain, discomfort and physical and psychological violence in their lives, coming to believe it is normal and even okay at times, to suffer so much. This is rooted in trauma as many know from their personal experiences and brave healing processes.

One of the basic premises of our society is that it is generally believed to be acceptable and perfectly all right to kill in order to for us to live. The belief system we have normalized is that our nutrition, health and well-being must be linked to death, to the killing of animals and diminishing their quality of life. This signifies clearly to me that we as a species are, simply put, deeply traumatized.

The idea that simply because we “can” harvest animals for food make it right, is similar to what psychologically disturbed criminals say about their shocking acts of violence, that they did these things because they could. My understanding is that trauma may inflict more trauma as a cry for help and, therefore, human behavior towards animals points directly to our deep wound, a basic disconnect with compassion and empathy which has not been fully seen. This leads me to believe that we are all innocent. We simply healing ourselves and, in turn, slowly healing all beings. Healing takes time, humility and maturity.

We need time to grow and reform ourselves, to re-educate, inspire and support one another. We all know that subjecting people who commit crimes to more isolation and aggression does not unlock their potential but turns them into repeat offenders most of the time. I am suggesting humanity needs more love, not less, for what we are looking at is our own suffering.

Now let’s zoom out a bit. Planet Earth is part of a galaxy, which is a minute part of an infinite number of galaxies.  To believe that we are alone in creation seems to me akin to an ant’s believing she is alone on a field of cows. We are not ants. We are deeply complex, intelligent, energetically connected and aware beings whose arrival or birth onto Earth is still a mystery.

In my mind, we are not at the top of the food chain in our galaxy, but only on Earth. If we are practicing genetic manipulation on plants and animals, sponsoring animal slavery and intelligently influencing mental and emotional behavior through media, social programs and even food, that suggests to me that all of the above are being practiced on us as well.

What I am getting at is that humans are suffering from the exact same things we are inflicting on others. We may not be able to see this level of the bigger picture but I would like you to entertain the possibility that we are repeating what is and has been “done” to us, even though we are not aware of this and have no immediate external proof. The renaissance of humanity we so dearly long for and strive towards on all fronts of ethical nutrition, is counting on the expansion of our collective consciousness, on our intelligence, greater awareness and sensitivity. This is a beautiful, flowering moment in time and as such it can also be profoundly confusing. Humanity is turning itself inside out and slowly but surely, all our shadows are coming to light, to be released. Luckily, we have one another.

Our deepest questions — Who am I? Why am I here? What’s my purpose? What is this sense of Self I have that is beyond my personality? — all land at the heart of the matter: we are one with the mystery of creation and therefore can change creation, if we so desire. We are changing creation into a better one on all fronts. We are doing this together and it is this movement which will heal our unseen wounds and traumas as a species. Before we know it, we will have left a better planet for those to come and a more refined way of living for all creatures. Your healing is mine and mine is yours, and our great mother, Mother Earth, is holding us and reacting to our budding alignment with more love and wisdom. Love has already tipped the scales.


Rebecca Sharp earned a
BA in Drama & Theatre Arts-Goldsmiths College, London, and an MA in Buddhist Philosophy at the University of Sunderland. She is a retreat leader, a yoga and meditation teacher, and a painter currently living in Brazil and the USA. She has studied with Dr. Gabriel Cousens for the past three years and leads groups in juice fasts and liver cleanses. She is interested in the blending of nutrition, human consciousness and relationships. She graduated in the MSVA in the spring of 2018.


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