Pale, barefoot, granola hippies. Some people still hold that stale image of vegans. But current science and cultural trends attest that 21st century vegans actually demand smart and stylish living. Through a vegan lens, the food chain is a plant chain – and cheap products of questionable origin just won’t fly.

Rich means beans and greens
Whatever the budget, vegans want the simple first class of superior living – which must avoid cruelty of any kind. Top health requires fine dining on dense nutrition and the best fuel Earth can provide. Eating beans and greens isn’t settling – it’s superior living. Gourmet means pure food from our own kitchens, and discovering restaurants evolved enough to serve customer preferences that rise to offering vegan menu options.

Sartorial sensibility
We want the finest fabric touching our bodies – a compassionate trail from plants – cotton and linen – organic, where possible – and selected synthetics. The animal provenance of formerly cherished cashmere leaves us squeamish. We seek a fresher awareness of style and luxury. Clothing consuming practices require updated thinking. Even the Wall Street Journal carries articles saying to buy less and enjoy enviable half-empty closets. But we already know our sartorial and personal care selections are trending and are more relevant than the “fast fashion” of the past 20 years. We want to fuel careful, cruelty-free, energy-saving production – avoiding dicey chemicals or bad labor practices.

Our homes are castles
We create exquisite living in our homes too. We recycle. We avoid excess. We discriminate among market offerings and don’t succumb to what marketers tell us to buy. We care about environmental pollutants and no animal testing in household products. We can’t buy all new products overnight; but as we finish with and donate old things and acquire new, we’re more environmentally conscious in the way we’ve learned from our vegan consumer practices.

Walking the talk
Elsewhere in our lifestyle, vegans naturally gravitate toward work and organizations where there’s parallel thinking. We believe in walking the talk through citizen advocacy. We voice our opinions, encourage others to do the same, and nudge the conversation to raise awareness to influence thinking.

This is our kind of opulence. No denial. No abuse. Everyone concerned deserves 5-Star living at this superior level. Everyone can have simply the best.

Carol Schneider, VLCECarol Schneider is the founder of SimpleSizeMe, llc, a lifestyle/workstyle coaching practice that help clients create leaner, lighter work, home, and health. Carol has learned that anything can be made simpler and more effective with straight-forward, uncomplicated best practices. She has been an entrepreneur and educator for 30 years providing corporate training and development in leadership and communication with companies such as GE, P&G, and Chase Bank. She is also a public speaker and a Main Street Vegan-certified vegan lifestyle coach and educator, with additional education, business, and nutrition degrees and certifications. You can stay in touch with Carol on her blog and on Twitter.

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