Your body is the sanctuary of your health – and your home can mirror that sanctuary as well.

When my vegan life began in January 2009, I attacked my kitchen cabinets and fridge with gusto.  I didn’t want all of my healthy food in plastic containers, so I started saving glass jars for storage – also re-cycling – a double fine move. Plus, I could see my beautiful food!

Vegan model for living

Eating vegan is such a positive model for overall health – self, animals, and earth. I saw it as a model that also guided me to a simpler, more pared-down life aesthetic. Naturally things like my meat thermometer and pounder and turkey roaster went out the door. But so did buying plastic bags and using a battery toothbrush. Why pollute anything?

Let living rooms and bedrooms nourish us. Of course, no wool, feather, leather, nor animal-tested products in our homes. But we can curate deeper.  Consumption habits in this country are burying us in debris.

When you stay in any hotel or time-share, you find a tidy minimalism that sets up guests with just enough of the basics. There’s a reason these places feel like vacation; we feel less pressured and more elegant while there. They transport us from our STUFF-filled homes and give us peace from clutter. If the things in our travel bags get us through a week or two happily, why do we need so much stuff at home?

finer flower

Consider fewer and finer things

considered life means we can accept only what is created with sustainability in mind. We can choose to omit the latest products and live with what we own that already works well – reserving our money and time for quality goods with a smaller footprint. Again, use the vegan model: it’s better to buy organic and fresh than questionable, off-brand, and processed. You can keep luxury. Just buy fewer and finer things – but forego what’s cheap and abundant. Suddenly more space too!

Try this Simplicity Sweep for your home for leaner lighter living:

  1. No suffering. Products that made suffering must go.
  2. Low energy. Try for the smallest footprint and least energy expended.
  3. Lasting beauty & value. Keep only beauty or high value. No junk.
  4. Remove half. Seriously! In all rooms, see if you can remove half.
  5. 1-for-1: 1 new IN means 1 old OUT.  No exceptions.

Shedding excess can be as exhilarating as the day you decided to give up animal consumption and find the bounty in eating fine, healthy plants.  Only the best is allowed.

carol schneiderCarol Schneider, VLCE is founder and Chief Simplicity Officer of Simple Size Me, LLC, a lifestyle coaching practice that guides clients in creating leaner, lighter living.  Through her  previous business, ValidVoices, LLC, she taught leadership skills and consulted at companies such as GE, P&G, Chase, and Sumitomo.  Carol began SimpleSizeMe to help clients apply simple, strategic business best practices to sustain their health, homes, and work.  She holds teaching degrees from Indiana University, business certifications from GE, has taught 1000s in leadership courses at dozens of companies, is a Main Street Vegan Academy-certified Lifestyle Coach (VLCE), and is Plant-Based certified through Cornell University; she has design business training at Fairfield University.  Please visit her blog/website at:

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    1. Carol Schneider

      Russell, your reply is more appreciated than my lack of timeliness in replying would indicate. Thank you so much! You inspire me to write more 🙂

    1. Carol Schneider

      Crystal, you can start with just 3 items – donated of course. Next week, make it 5 items, and so on. Thanks so much for replaying!

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