posted January 24, 2023

After I learned about the unthinkable horrors of animal agriculture in 2009, I found the Main Street Vegan podcast, and began my Vegan journey. I thought I knew everything about a healthy lifestyle, but after researching, I realized I knew very little.

And so it goes with starting your Vegan coaching practice.

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If I were to hop in a time-traveling Delorean and go back to 2015 when I first set out to start my coaching business, here are three things I would tell myself:

1. Making a Difference Does Not Require You to Chase Popularity

In today’s social media culture, it’s easy to lose sight of what it means to be successful. As a plant-powered coach, facilitating your clients’ personal transformation is how you make a difference (and how you get paid). By doing that, you’re making an impact for animals and the planet too, because your clients are learning to live by your example.

But marketing your business doesn’t mean you have to kill yourself trying to keep up with the Social Media Joneses.

Think about it, would you rather:

    1. Spend your time and energy haphazardly cranking out content and pictures that makes you a mere blip on someone’s radar? Or,
    2. Follow a system making real connections with the people who are actually interested in how you can help them?

Let that marinate for a minute.

Right now, you can (and should) focus on what really matters to the people you intend to help, which are results. As in—what will they have, do, or be after working with you? That’s what they care about most.

Will they want to hire you because your TikTok videos are fire? Not likely.

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Why? Because your ideal clients aren’t going to hire you because you’ve entertained them. They’ll hire you because you can effectively demonstrate how you can solve their problems.

Your plan for getting clients can’t be “hope.”

Be sure to follow a surefire system to effectively communicate, sell, and deliver your services to meet your goals. Once you’re profitable, you can turn your attention back to your regularly scheduled social media campaign.

2. Your Internal Beliefs About Money Will Make or Break Your Financial Success

You already know a business must make sales. But you don’t really know how many hang-ups you have around money until YOU are the one responsible for making the sales. Getting your money mindset right is a journey in and of itself—decades of conditioning won’t get resolved overnight, like…

  • Selling is sleazy
  • Rich people are greedy
  • More money, more problems
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You know you are a good person to your very core. Therefore, don’t you believe you deserve to be compensated well for helping people get what they want?

We tend to have emotions tangled up in money and forget that it’s just a tool to exchange for the things and experiences we want.

So do not feel ashamed if you want more of it! Regularly work on transforming the beliefs around money that are not serving you.

3. Building Your Business Will Take You on a Gamut of Emotions

You will undoubtedly face challenges, some that every business owner faces, and others that are unique to your situation.

Your business is an exploration of who you must become in order to achieve your goals.

And because it’s likely that who you must become is bigger than who you are today, you must understand on a deep level why your success is important to you.

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Imagine, when you reach the level of success you’re dreaming of, who could you help that you aren’t able to help right now? Where could you go? What could you do, that you’re not able to do today, as a result? Go deep on that. Knowing this will help you make better decisions that lead to your financial growth, despite economic changes.

However, there’s a caveat…You can’t hide behind fear or lack of confidence. You MUST be willing to step up and behave like someone who already owns an ethical business that creates tremendous value. And learn how to build a real business.

Here’s how to do that if you need help: Coaching Like You Give a Damn

Any one of those in particular surprise you? I’d love to know, and get a chance to personally say hi. Shoot me an message, let me know!


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Stephanie Harter is a business trainer helping plant-based coaches take their businesses from ground zero to getting high-value clients, becoming recognized authorities, and even hitting 6-figures. She is an award-winning author of the book The Skinny On Eating Like You Give a Damn, a top-rated instructor on Udemy with over 7,000 students served, and has interviewed vegan health and business experts on her podcast, Eating Like You Give a Damn.

Stephanie is a certified Business Coach and Mentor through Success Resources America, a Main Street Vegan Academy Vegan Lifestyle Coach and Educator, and holds a Certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition from the T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies. She’s on a mission to demystify the business-building side of coaching so that fellow plant-powered coaches develop the skills and confidence they need in order to build a money-making practice that aligns with their dreams and values.




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