Episode Number 451, aired live on Oct. 6, 2021

I love it when the podcast turns into a party — terrific people, helpful info, and an upbeat attitude that just inspires the heck out of me (and I hope you, too). This week’s episode is like that. With us for the full hour is Karen Ranzi, MS, an award-winning author, internationally acclaimed speaker, vegan and raw food health coach, certified raw foods chef, and speech and language pathologist with over 20 years’ experience working with young people, ages three to twenty-one, who are living with autism. Karen’s new book is Heal and Prevent Autism: Natural Solutions That Work.

Near the end of the first segment, we have a drop-in from one of Karen’s clients, Maria Victoria Daral. One of her sons is on the autism spectrum and has had tremendous improvement using the diet and lifestyle suggestions Karen suggests. And something I didn’t even know until just before the interview: Maria is an America’s Ninja Warrior athlete! I love that show and am amazed by the feats the participants can perform. It was such a bonus to be talking with one of them.

And last but never least, joining us for the second segment is T. Colin Campbell, PhD, who wrote the foreword to Heal and Prevent Autism. He is always full of inspiring information about eating whole plant foods, and he’s especially endearing here when he says that he wrote Karen’s foreword because he respects her experience; he has an interest in autism because his son, Daniel Campbell, who joined him in writing the foreword, works in special education; and because “I wanted to learn more about this.” Is that cool or what? He’s a PhD, a NY Times bestselling author, and a cultural icon, and yet he still want to “learn more.” I am always in awe of this amazing man.

Don’t miss this episode — it’s a huge uplift and the topic is really important. Once rare, autism is now at epidemic rates and it’s something all caring people need to be concerned about.

To can learn more about Karen and her work:

Website: http://superhealthychildren.com



And on Instagram @superhealthyraw.

You can find her book on Amazon.

For more on Maria and her husband, both health coaches:

Instagram: @holisticpowercouple

Facebook: @holisticpowercouple

Maria’s Facebook page (she is also a birth and postpartum worker): https://www.facebook.com/tory.daral

And find Dr. Campbell’s latest book, The Future of Nutrition, on Amazon. Dr. Campbell was on the Main Street Vegan Podcast back in June to discuss it — listen on your favorite app or here, on Unity Online Radio.

And a blast from the past! On this week’s episode, Karen shares how her paternal grandmother overcame cancer in the 1920s by following the advice in the classic writings of raw food pioneer, Professor Arnold Ehret. Carrying Erhet’s work into the 21st century, is Prof. Henry Spira, with whom I spoke for this episode, in August of 2017. Boxer Cam Awesome is on this episode, too.

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