Main Street Vegan Podcast, March 2nd, 2017: Cancer Happens (Even to Vegans) & Intersectionality of Oppression

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What an uplifting episode!!! If you’re episode-shopping, listen to this one: it’s fabulous, if I do say so myself.

First guest is the lovely Anne Sullivan, vegan publicity maven whose firm, Miracle Worker PR, is behind the success of such books as How Not to DieFarm Sanctuary, and Finding Ultra. With breast cancer in her family, Anne was diagnosed with the disease last year, accepted conventional treatment, and recovered in record time. As a healthy-living vegan, she wants to speak out to others that, yes, we hedge our bets with plant-sourced eating, but when illness strikes we need not feel ashamed, reach out for support, and get the best treatment available.

Website: miracleworkerpr.com
Twitter: @AnneASullivan

Helpful resources:

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‘Going Flat’ After Breast Cancer

We then welcomed the very moving and authentic rockstar of intersectionality, Christopher Sebastian McJetters. He is a force on Facebook and said the nicest thing about his many contacts there: “I don’t think of them as followers but as allies.”

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Blast from the past! Christopher Sebastian alluded to many other thought leaders in the vegan and intersectionality movements, many of whom have appeared on our podcast. He actually mentioned Patrice Jones twice, and I’d love to alert you in this Blast from the Past to the powerful interview she provided us a while back.

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