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Dan Purjes and Scott Stoll, MD, present a collection of gripping and inspiring stories told in the authentic voices of real people who reversed their chronic diseases by adopting a whole food plant-based lifestyle. This one-of-its-kind book is the first in a series of Reversal books. Uniquely, the book includes two tables of contents, one listing the storytellers and their specific conditions, with a second table that lists all of the diseases that many of the storytellers and readers share in common.

More about our guest:
Dan Purjes is a successful entrepreneur and businessman, having built several companies to significant levels in a variety of industries such as finance, technology, software, home automation, and solar energy.
Dan and his wife Edna, “Ed” actively promote the message of health and disease reversal. They are passionate advocates and promoters of Whole Food Plant-Based nutrition to reverse chronic disease, committed to funding clinical trials, books and documentaries to advance the most powerful and effective medicine available

For more information, please visit www.PurjesFoundation.org

Scott Stoll, MD., graduated from the University of Colorado Medical School and completed his residency at the University of Colorado Hospital. He is recognized as an international leader in lifestyle medicine and whole food, plant-based nutrition. Dr. Stoll is the co-founder of The Plantrician Project, The International Journal of Disease Reversal and Prevention, and The Regenerative Health Institute, a unique collaborative project with the Rodale institute that integrates a regenerative vision for human health, agriculture, and the environment. 

Where to find them:
Website: https://diseasereversalhope.org
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DiseaseReversalHope
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/diseasereversalhope/ 


About Peter Goldstein and WeDidIt.Health:

Most vegans want to inspire others to change their lifestyle, and many of us have given up because we haven’t yet found the best ways to communicate safely and effectively with others about these challenging topics. 

weDIDit.Health helps us succeed by providing interpersonal communications training and by curating the most appropriate and targeted information. to get someone we care about curious about changing lifestyle for animal justice, health, and climate healing.

WeDidIt.Health mission is to grow the plant-based movements by helping the consumers of the movement successfully inspire our friends and loved ones to be curious about the solution for chronic diseases, animal suffering and the planet’s environmental deterioration. 

To this end, we are producing an in-person summit on June 23rd in Cleveland OH

In cooperation with the National Health Association’s Annual Conference on June 24th – 26th.
Together! Let’s show the world the impact a plant-based lifestyle has on health, animal justice and planet healing. weDIDit.Health

If you are benefiting from a plant-based lifestyle, please answer the simple 1 question survey and participate in the Million Healthy Lives Scoreboard.

Where to find them:
Website: https://wedidit.health
To answer the 1 question survey: https://wedidit.health/survey

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/WeDIDIt.Health
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/wedidit.health/



Complement — supplements made by vegans — Pamela Fergusson, RD, PhD, Matt Frazier the No-Meat Athlete, and Joel Kahn, MD — for vegans to enhance your already excellent diet. Check them out at https://lovecomplement.com, and put MAINSTREET in the discount box to save yourself some money.



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