posted January 10, 2023

Hello from Kenya! My name is Kenneth and I want to share an update on the work I am doing to enhance the growth of Vegan community in Kenya.

As I shared last year (see A Vegan in Kenya), I live in a rural area and run the Sondu Vegan Support Center Group.

2022 Accomplishments

Since founding this group in 2022, here is what we have accomplished:


To date we are 35 members strong.

Monthly Meetup Group

We have established a Meetup group that does weekly Vegan nutrition classes.

Vegan Shop

We have a market selling vegetables, nuts, legumes, whole grains, seeds, and fresh fruits.

Seed Sharing

In 2022, our vegetable seeds sharing project sent out over 2500 seed packets.  This provides people with seeds to plant to maintain a Vegan lifestyle.

Gardening Workshop at the Vegan Excellence Center

In addition to seed sharing, we conducted a workshop for people to learn new ideas and skills for growin edible plants. During the workshop, we also showed people how to eat from the plant

Photo credit: Kenneth Odhiambo Ndonga

kingdom for good health. The goal of the Vegan Excellence Center is to create the standard of excellence, doing demonstration in gardening.

2023 Goals

Here are the things we are working on for this year.


Grow our group even larger!

Seed Sharing

Continue our seed sharing project.

Social Enterprise Projects

Buy a machine or equipment to make products from such things as avocado, corn, and peanut to empower community and economic stability through Vegan farming.

Photo credit: Kenneth Odhiambo Ndonga

Door-to-Door Outreach Program

We want to expand our outreach about Veganism and animal rights missionary work. This would include providing printed materials to reach many people.

Vegan Library

Want more English-language Vegan books and magazines. You may send any new or used Vegan books and magazines to:

Kenneth Odhiambo Ndonga

Siany Primary School

PO Box 316-40109

Sondu, Kenya

Animal Rights Protection

Continue to expand our education of Veganism to help others know the importance of being kind to animals.

Cooking Classes

We are working to establish programs in primary and high schools to train students on Vegan diets.

Vegan Football Club

In attempt to show the connection between healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle, incluing exercise, we are on the road to establing a Vegan Football Club for recreation, socializatin, and to the improve fitness of young Vegans in our area.


Photo credit: Kenneth Odhiambo Ndonga

Kenneth Odhiambo Ndonga is a Main Street Vegan Academy graduate and a current student in the Compassion Consortium Animal Chaplaincy Training program. A social worker who advocates for children living with disabilities in Kenya, Kenneth is trilingual and speaks Luo, Kiswahili, and English. Kenneth enjoys reading, listening to music, and traveling in his free time. He lives with his wife and four sons who all share his Vegan values.

Kenneth can be reached at [email protected].

English language books and magazines can be mailed to: Kenneth Odhiambo Ndonga, Siany Primary School, PO Box 316-40109, Sondu, Kenya.

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